Our History

There are three founding fathers of the Freewheelers- Ray Hart, John Gaunt & Dave Walker

Founding Chairman Ray Hart recalls how it all began... 

 “It all started when I read an article in the spring 2009 issue of IAM magazine.The author was Rob Davies, Chairman of Severn Freewheelers, he gave a good outline of what was involved and suggested  further reading on Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) website. Having read through the NABB website, thoughts began to formulate, so I contacted Rob, via email and then phone, where we had quite a lengthy chat. Up to that time, I was the only one in the West Midlands who had contacted him, so he agreed to forward to me any further emails he may receive.”

“Within a very short time he sent me two emails he’d received from John Gaunt and Dave Walker, having contacted them both, we met at Sandwell Valley Park on Sunday 12th April 2009 at 1400 hrs and talked about forming Midland Freewheelers.  It seemed quite a daunting task but we all felt it was achievable and with that in mind we decided to go to our respective advanced riding clubs, RoSPA, BAM & WAM, to try and get some form of advertising to their members. We did this via information going into the clubs newsletters and by word of mouth, we sat back and waited for the response, that done, we then turned our attention to finding a hall to hold a meeting in.”

“My son, Carl, is a paramedic and suggested having a look at the St Johns Headquarters in West Bromwich. I hadn’t seen the hall so we drove over to have a look - brilliant - just the job - yes please - how much? FREE we were told so, booked, job done and we still continue to meet there now. We are really grateful to the St. Johns who have been very good to us and also allowed us to use the room for committee meetings and training sessions.”

“During the following weeks we had a steady flow of interested people via email and phone and by the time the meeting date arrived I’d got a list of 18 names. The inaugural meeting was to take place on, Friday 3rd July 2009, 20.00hrs at St John Ambulance Hall.On the evening of the meeting people duly turned up including a woman and two young men aged 17 and 19 - we were delighted with the outcome and that we had attracted a diverse range of people - lets not forget that a younger generation of members is essential for any organisation if it wishes to continue to grow.”

“The formalities done, a committee was duly elected and Midland Freewheelers was born.”

“As founding members, we still take an active interest in the the work of the group and get great satisfaction seeing our fledgling idea grow into a considerable organisation that retains our guiding principle of helping the NHS at no cost to them. We are very proud that our emergency rider voluntary service saves the NHS significant sums of money which can then be retained and utilised for direct patient care.”   


Ray Hart- Chairman
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As you might have guessed the service cannot run without the money raised by our members, company donations, anonymous donations and of course you the generous general public. Fundraising is perhaps the most important thing that we do. From shaking a tin to visiting big business to ask for sponsorship. At £25,000 to run our fleet for a year the fundraising never stops.


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