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John Hammond

Fleet Manager

John rides Honda VFR 1200F

About John

John TT Hammond - Fleet Manager

John spent his younger years travelling all over the UK as his was forces family, Father in the Navy, Grandfathers and brothers in the Army. “I spent 8 years in the Merchant Navy, by the time I was 25 I had travelled around the world 8 times and got paid for it…” says John. He currently works for Numatic International Limited, manufacturers of quality cleaning equipment. “ I started here in 1986, packing boxes in the warehouse, and now I manage the whole of the ‘Hire Channel’ within the business.”

I have some friends who are part of “Blood Bikes Wales” we were chatting and I decided to look into the local group, Why I joined, I can only say that I like to help others. It may not necessarily be my family or my friends family but it WILL help somebody.... to give a little back, I suppose that is why I joined…"

John Hammond

Dave Prior

Training Manager

About Dave

Dave Prior

David Jones


David rides BMW R1200RT

About David

T'interweb - whatever would we do without it!

I'm responsible for maintaining the web site and other online resources.

Proud to be a part of such a great group of people doing something really worthwhile.

David Jones
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As you might have guessed the service cannot run without the money raised by our members, company donations, anonymous donations and of course you the generous general public. Fundraising is perhaps the most important thing that we do. From shaking a tin to visiting big business to ask for sponsorship. At £25,000 to run our fleet for a year the fundraising never stops.


Simply text ERVS09 £5 to 70070  or click on the paypal link

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